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You’ll be blown away by how unique the beginning of this story is.

I met a girl. *gasp*

Her name was Emily and she was drop dead gorgeous with big, curly hair unlike any I’d ever seen. The way she moved was so kind and graceful that you couldn’t help but watch. She was the president of nine different clubs at our high school, the class president aside, homecoming queen, prom queen and in the top five GPAs in her class.

I somehow convinced her to go on a date with me. It was great.

And then the sinking feeling started. I was a bit rough around the edges.

I was going out off roading, drinking, partying almost every night. She had no idea. Not to mention the fact that I was hopelessly addicted to pornography since an early age.

I was really sure that I was just out of luck.

Then something happened that, as a young man, I never saw coming. I came to the end of myself. I remember sitting there thinking, Man. I can’t do this. Then a fire started inside me that continues to this day. I stood up right then, drove to Walmart and picked up a bible for $12. I read it on my couch every morning and Jesus met me there and answered my questions, listened to my pain, told me about his. He met me where I was, because I couldn’t get to where I should’ve been.

It changed me forever. I was so different that Emily didn’t recognize me at first. My friends and family didn’t know what had happened but were sure something had changed.

So the reality of my life is that I died that day. The life I now live is found entirely in Jesus Christ. And the craziest part is that I am more purely me than I have ever been. (And I got the girl too!)

Wrestle well,